Prepare to be dazzled by Becky's extraordinary cushion covers! These beauties are bursts of colour and creativity, meticulously crafted to make your space shine. We've gathered fabrics from every nook and cranny, design houses, suppliers and collectors, to create a kaleidoscope of uniqueness.

When you choose our designer cushion covers, you're not just adding a splash of vibrant personality to your home, you're also joining the movement of ethical and sustainable practices. It's like a double win for your place and for the planet!

Handmade Sustainable Luxury Is In Your Reach

We firmly believe that beauty should never harm our precious planet, which is why we've poured our hearts into handcrafting these exquisite cushion covers. You will see impeccable craftsmanship and planet positive practices dance together in perfect harmony in our collection.

In our quest for sustainable splendour, we've opted for ethical duck feathers in our cushion inners. Because real beauty is kind, right?

But our commitment to Mother Earth doesn't stop there! We're on a mission to reduce waste and make our shipping process as eco-conscious as possible. Each cushion is sent with love, carefully wrapped in heavy brown paper, placed in sturdy custom cardboard boxes, and sealed with solvent-free paper tape.

Our packaging materials are sourced from sustainable forests, plus they are 100% recyclable and completely free of plastic.

Say no to low cost mass produced homewares and join us in making a positive impact, both within your home and on our wondrous world.

Thoughtful Artistry and Pattern Placement

Our bespoke cushion covers come in a standard size of 50cm x 50cm square, plus the added piping creates a generous-sized cushion that'll leave you saying "wow." Our cushion cover making process involves carefully selecting every component, orchestrating colour alchemy between the front, back, piping and zip. Pattern placement is also carefully considered - it's a delicate dance between showing off the best aspects of the pattern while also minimising any excess waste.

It's a process that requires patience, precision, and an eye for detail. But in the end, it's all worth it when you see the final product - a bespoke cushion cover that tells its own story.

Explore Our Collection Of Cushion Covers

As you look through our beautiful linen cushions, you'll feel the allure of the timeless beauty of linen. Each design has its own unique style, adding a pillowy talking point into any space.

Vintage Collection

Our Vintage collection features genuine vintage fabrics sourced from private collections and vintage dealers. The fabrics in this category are 30 years or older and undergo meticulous inspection to ensure their durability.

Our Vintage cushion covers exude charm and whimsy reminiscent of cherished memories. With limited quantities available for each design, these treasures are as unique as they are timeless.

Repurposed Collection

Discover sustainable creativity with our Repurposed collection, showcasing fabrics that have often already had some life experience. These fabrics are sourced from discontinued or surplus samples, ex-display and remnants of luxury designer collections; items that are often ultimately destined for landfill. Embracing imperfections such as crease lines or light fading, each cushion cover tells a story of its own, adding character and charm to your space.

Our Repurposed collection offers one-of-a-kind or extremely limited batch cushions, plus a sense of satisfaction that you have given a beautiful textile a new lease on life.

Luxury Collection

Our Luxury collection is curated with the utmost care from high-end fabrics sourced internationally from established design houses such as Sanderson in England, Mind The Gap in Romania and Anna French in USA.

Featuring exquisite printed linen, cotton, and velvet cushions, this premium collection showcases a tempting array of contemporary colours and designs.

These furnishing fabrics are of the highest quality, Please note that items from our Luxury collection are repeatable, and if they are temporarily out of stock, you can request a notification when they become available again.

Collectors Collection

Our Collectors category features contemporary designer fabrics, including discontinued designs and furnishing fabrics sourced from collectors and vintage dealers. This collection appeals to the sentimental heart, reminiscent of collecting treasured items from bygone eras. Each cover in this category is produced in small batches, ensuring exclusivity and individuality.

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Are you ready to elevate your living space to new levels of eclectic opulence and charm? Look no further than Becky Lee! Our handmade sustainable luxury cushion covers are guaranteed to steal your heart.

We're all about personalisation, so if you have a specific vision in mind, we can craft bespoke cushion covers that perfectly complement your own current interior design trends. From classic and contemporary, subtle to vibrant, we've got you covered. Let your true personality shine through your home with the help of our pillowy works of art.

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