You may not be surprised to hear that we’d rather wear flowers in our hair, than diamonds around our neck. We absolutely love blooms and when it comes to flower cushions we have got you covered.

Becky Lee is your ultimate destination to buy vibrant, flowery cushions in New Zealand. With a large range of handmade cushions featuring gorgeous florals in every colour of the rainbow, we understand the desire to create a space that reflects your individuality and celebrates your love for nature and colour.

That's why our flower cushion collection includes designs featuring Unicorn Floral cushions, Vintage-inspired Dahlias, stunning Botanique florals and more. Our handmade cushions NZ are generously sized at 50cm x 50cm square, with the contrast piping adding another cm for the ultimate "wow" factor.

Every cushion in our collection is meticulously hand-crafted using the finest materials and attention to detail. So whether you're seeking the perfect accent for your couch, a statement piece for your favourite chair, or a cosy addition to your bed, our bespoke cushion collection has something to suit every interior.

Handmade Sustainable Luxury

We're proud to offer luxury, handmade cushions that are both sustainable and ethical. Our cushion covers are crafted with care, using ethically-sourced duck feather inners and fabrics that are chosen to minimise waste and maximise beauty. Each floral cushion is uniquely crafted with meticulous attention to detail. We also offer vintage and repurposed fabrics to give you a variety of fabric types to choose from.

We deeply value the environment and the community we call home. That's why we have proudly partnered with the Te Ara Kākāriki Greenway Canterbury Trust, a dedicated organisation committed to enhancing biodiversity in the Canterbury area. To aid their ongoing efforts of reintroducing native plant species in our local region, we make an annual contribution to the trust.

Where Vibrant Colours Meet Intricate Details

Our designer fabric cushions are more than just a comfy place to rest your head - they are a burst of colour that can breathe new life into any space. We take great pride in the intricate details of each and every cushion we create. From our sourcing process to our fabric selection, we utilise our interior design experience and colour expertise to give you something truly special.

Every fabric’s pattern is carefully considered before cutting, so that we can show off the beauty of the design while minimising waste. This means that pattern placement for each cushion front is individually placed.

Tips for Filling Your Cushions Yourself

You can choose to have us fill your cushions for you with one of our ethical feather inners, but we also understand that some customers prefer to fill their cushions themselves with inners they already own. That's why we've provided some helpful tips for inserting cushion inners to ensure you achieve a polished look.

  • Choose the right inner size. Opt for an inner that is 5cm larger than your cushion cover for maximum plumpness.
  • Remove jewellery. Take off any jewellery to avoid catching on the fabric and causing damage.
  • Handle the zipper with care. Be gentle when working with the zipper to prevent breakage or popped stitches.
  • Close the zipper mindfully. Push the inner down or have someone hold the sides together while closing the zipper.
  • Pay attention to the corners. Ensure the inner is evenly distributed, particularly in the corners, for a well-defined shape.

We Prioritise Planet Positive Practises

A hallmark of our cushions lies in the exceptional quality of materials we use, and the care we take to ensure nothing is wasted. At every stage of the process that we can control, we prioritise planet positive choices.

Our inners are filled with ethically-sourced duck feathers from international suppliers who hold certifications as humane harvesters of feather and down. To maintain this certification, these suppliers must adhere to stringent bird welfare measures, which are reviewed annually. By choosing our floral cushions, you can rest assured that not only are you embracing beauty and luxury, but also supporting ethical and sustainable practices.

We're dedicated to doing everything we can to lessen our footprint on the planet and accept accountability for our actions. We know we’re not perfect and we’re always looking for ways we can do better.

To show our commitment, we ship our cushions 100% plastic free. Carefully wrapped in sturdy brown paper and packaged in robust custom sized cardboard boxes. Even our tape is plastic and solvent free. All our packaging paper and cardboard is 100% recyclable and made from sustainable forestry. This eco-friendly packing option is something we take great pride in.

By ordering our cushions, you are showing support for a female-owned small NZ business that values social and environmental responsibility. We're here to make the world a more beautiful place and we care about how we go about that. We love having you along on our adventure with us!

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