Bring a vibrant burst of sunshine and warm up your place with a delightful pop of our yellow cushions. These pillowy colour-bombs are like little rays of happiness that demand attention and add a special joie de vivre to a room.

We have expertly mixed and matched different textiles in shades of yellow to create a daring fusion of craftsmanship and quality. From vibrant prints to intricate embroidery, each cushion is a true work of art and a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating colourful lively interiors. Shop the collection today! We deliver New Zealand and Australia wide.

Say Hello To Yellow Decor Accents

Vibrant and playful, yellow oozes a radiant energy that sparks creativity and visual optimism. Symbolising sunshine, prosperity, and warmth, this colour holds immense power in interior design. By incorporating yellow to your decor, you can effortlessly create a bright and radiant ambience.

True sunshine yellow is not for the faint hearted, but included in your interior as an accent colour as it is unrivalled in its ability to lift a space. Yellow cushions are a great way to add this power packed pop of exuberance!

If you are working with a neutral scheme, bright yellow looks great with cool greys and crisp whites. While dirty golds and warm mustards are really quite versatile to include with autumn tones, forest green and rich blues.

Opposite yellow on the colour wheel is violet, meaning that yellow’s complementary colour is purple. For a playful colour scheme we love teaming yellow or gold with lilac and adding a dash of pastel mint.

Handmade Sustainable Luxury Cushion Covers

Treat yourself and show your guests how it’s done with handmade sustainable luxury cushions on your sofa. Our vibrant yellow cushions are crafted to offer both vibrant bursts of colour and unparalleled comfort. With their super-soft inners and durable construction, you can enjoy a delightful touch of luxury and endless cosiness.

Our cushion covers have a stylish reversible aesthetic, featuring an eye-catching design on the hero side and a plain colour on the back, and don’t forget about the contrast piping framing the design perfectly. Even when discarded upside down on the floor, our cushions still look gorgeous!

Have a look at our full range of gold, mustard and yellow cushions in linen, velvet and more.

Use Olive Floral Cushion To Add A Vintage Charm

Olive Floral is a vintage fabric that is incredibly difficult to let go of. This floral pattern from the 1970s is printed on a fabric with delicate black striations, adding visual texture and a distinct mid-century ambience.

The strikingly beautiful oversized flowers feature a captivating combination of olive green, khaki, and chartreuse tones. While the presence of chocolate and ginger-coloured leaves enhance the beauty of the overall print.

Use Sanguisorba Silk To Induce A Regal Touch

Our Sanguisorba silk cushion is from a collection called Callista. In Ancient Greek, Callista means the ‘most beautiful’. Crafted from 100% silk, this golden yellow cushion showcases elegant silhouettes of seed heads from the Sanguisorba plant.

Silk is unparalleled in its ability to achieve intense colour saturation, making this cushion a truly luxurious addition. Plus, the elegant combination of lustrous gold with deep aubergine screen-printed seed heads will add an element of regal allure to any interior.

Bring A Burst Of Colours With Gypsy Soul Cushion

This captivating design is part of the Woodstock collection of the Transylvanian design house, Mind The Gap. It embodies the vibrant essence of the Woodstock era and the spirited atmosphere of the festival. Its lively colours and energetic patterns has the power to uplift your spirits and infuse your interior with a burst of vibrant hues.

While the combination of mustard, pink, and slate blue/grey strikes the perfect balance between being colourful and stylish. Our Gypsy Soul linen cushion will add a sophisticated bohemian ambience to any home.

Retro Autumn for A Nature Inspired Home Decor

Dialling up the vibrancy, our punchy yellow Retro Autumn Floral will definitely add a shot of sunshine to a room! Sourced from a fabric collector, the 'Greenwood' design showcases a charming array of intricately detailed flowers, reminiscent of the vibrant colour palette popular in the 1970s.

Featuring a rich combination of chocolate brown, yellow, and ochre, this design has intense colour saturation and a distinct retro charm. Perfectly paired, a bold corn yellow cotton velvet graces the back and rust linen piping frames this cheerful print.

Buy Luxury Cushions At Becky Lee

Becky Lee offers a diverse and ever changing range of yellow cushions in multiple shades and patterns. We use plush velvet, cotton, silk and linen fabrics ranging from vibrant bright shades to warm and sophisticated darker tones, there is something to suit every style.

Whether your home leans towards traditional, modern, or contemporary aesthetics, the addition of yellow throw pillows effortlessly energises and warms any space.

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