Our standard size for our cushion covers is 50cm x 50cm square, plus the piping adds another cm or more, so these are generous sized cushions to maximise the wow!

In some cases the available fabric is not big enough for a 50cm cushion, or the pattern is better suited to a smaller size, so we do also have some 45cm x 45cm cushions available, with more shapes and sizes to come.

Your cushion comes filled with a perfectly plump ethical feather inner. We favour a medium amount of fill, so the cushion is still soft and comfortable but can be easily plumped back up to it’s full glory. You can read more about what makes our feather inners ethical here.

We do not offer polyester fill inners. Compared to feathers this type of fill deteriorates quickly becoming lumpy and uncomfortable and is most likely to end up in landfill, and we don’t think that’s cool!

Here are our cushion filling tips!

Tip 1: Use an inner that is 5cm larger than your cover size to ensure an enticingly plump result. So for a 50cm cushion cover, your inner will be 55cm x 55cm - often sold as ‘to fit a 50cm cushion’ but make sure you double check.

Tip 2: Take off rings and bracelets before you stuff your cushion! Jewellery can catch on some fabrics and cause pulls, which can’t be undone so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tip 3: Please be very careful of the zip when you are filling your cushion. It can help to fold the inner in half and push it into the top of the cushion while folded. Gently work the inner into the cover and do not put unnecessary pressure on either end of the zip. These areas have been reinforced however they are still vulnerable to excessive force and we cannot accept responsibility for broken zips or popped stitches that occur when self-filling your cushion.

Tip 4: When you’re closing the zip either push the inner right down to relieve all the pressure off the zip, or get someone to hold the sides together for you.

Tip 5: Don’t forget about the corners! Just like a well stuffed duvet it’s all about getting the corners of the inner right into the corners of the cover.