Our standard size for our cushion covers is 50cm x 50cm square, plus the piping adds another cm or more, so these are generous sized cushions to maximise the wow!

In some cases the available fabric is not big enough for a 50cm cushion, or the pattern is better suited to a smaller size, so we do also make 45cm x 45cm cushions, and are able to make any sized cushion on request.

Your cushion comes filled with a perfectly plump luxurious ethical feather inner. We  favour a medium to generous amount of fill, but select what we believe to be the best fit for each individual cushion.

If you have a comfort preference for a firmer fit, or a more relaxed fit, please add this in the order notes and we can adjust the inner accordingly!

You can read more about what makes our feather inners ethical here.

We do not offer polyester fill inners. Compared to feathers this type of fill deteriorates quickly becoming lumpy and uncomfortable and is most likely to end up in landfill, and we don’t think that’s cool!