Transform your humble abode into a blissful retreat with our fabulous collection of handmade cushions filled with ethical cushion inners packed with fluffy duck feathers. Our heavenly cushion inners are bound to make you want to snuggle up for an extended cosy session on your bed, armchairs or couches.

We've struck the ideal balance when it comes to fill density, ensuring that your cushions won't sink into oblivion or leave you feeling like you're sitting on a pile of rocks. Our inners hit the Goldilocks-approved sweet spot of comfort. So go ahead, grab a bunch of our super comfy inners and let the charm of irresistible comfort take over your space!

Get Pure Comfort With Ethical Feather Inners

At Becky Lee, we think you should have nothing but the best, that’s why we have chosen to not offer polyester inners. While synthetic fills may be easier on the wallet in the short term, compared to feathers this type of fill deteriorates quickly becoming lumpy and uncomfortable and is most likely to end up in landfill, and we don’t think that’s cool! Feather inners are unrivalled in terms of comfort and longevity.

With our commitment to sustainable living you will enjoy the luxury of soft feather inners without feeling guilty about animal rights. Our feather suppliers are internationally certified as being humane harvesters of feather and down, a status that is reviewed annually to ensure strict bird welfare measures are complied with.

You may rest assured that when you purchase our flower cushions with a feather inner, you are making an ethical choice.

Expert Tips for Self-Filling Success

While our cushions are their most magnificent selves when we fill them for you, we totally get the desire to take matters into your own hands. If you're determined to fill your cushions yourself, we're here to guide you on the path to self-filling success with our expert tips.

  • Optimal Size: Select a cushion inner that is 5cm larger than your cushion cover size. For example, a 50cm square cushion cover requires a 55cm x 55cm inner for that enticingly plump result.
  • Delicate Preparation: Remove rings and bracelets to prevent fabric pulls before stuffing your cushion. Some fabrics are more delicate than others and it's better to be safe than sorry to ensure your cushions remain flawless.
  • Zipper Care: Be very careful of the zip when you are filling your cushion. Fold the inner in half and push it into the top of the cushion while folded. Gently work the inner into the cover and do not put unnecessary pressure on either end of the zip. These areas have been reinforced however they are still vulnerable to excessive force.
  • Secure Closure: When closing the zip, either push the inner down to relieve pressure on the zip or get someone to help you to hold the sides together. This simple step ensures a seamless, secure closure.
  • Corner Perfection: Pay attention to the corners; like a well-stuffed duvet. Ensure the corners of the inner align perfectly with the corners of the cover and work the feathers into those corners for a perfectly plump finish.

We Follow The Buy Once, Buy Well Approach

There's that old saying, "you get what you pay for," and we truly believe that when it comes to home decor, the same holds true. Like fast fashion, fast interior items may seem like a good deal at the time, but they quickly wear out and end up in a landfill. That's why we believe in the buy once, buy well philosophy.

Our velvet cushions aren't just a quick fix to spruce up your living room, they're an investment in your overall happiness. We take pride in knowing that our cushions will give you years of pleasure, not just a fleeting instant gratification that's quickly followed by disappointment.

As Gucci famously said ‘Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten’.

We Are Not Fans Of Polyester Inners

Polyester fill may seem like a convenient option but we disagree. Polyester is a synthetic material derived from petroleum, which means its production contributes to the depletion of non-renewable resources. Moreover, polyester is not biodegradable and takes hundreds of years to break down, ending up in landfills where it continues to pollute our planet.

As a responsible and environmentally conscious company, we choose to steer clear of polyester fill. Instead, we offer feather fill which is sourced ethically and provides excellent comfort and longevity.

Shop Now And Make A Responsible Choice!

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