Welcome to our whimsical world of black cushions. Here you will explore a collection of sleek, chic, and super comfy black beauties that will leave a jaw-dropping impact on your guests. They're like the unicorns of the cushion world, radiating timeless style and edgy elegance that can turn any space into a soulful sanctuary.

Handmade Sustainable Luxury Cushions For Your Home

Our cushions aren't just stylish, they're planet positive too. These aren’t your regular low cost mass produced homewares. We use quality, high-end designer fabrics imported from renowned design houses across New Zealand, Europe, UK, USA and Australia. When you purchase a cushion from us you can be confident that you are getting a product that’s been carefully crafted, stitched, and styled to complement your interior.

Our sustainable luxury black cushion collection is available in printed linen, cotton and velvet furnishing fabrics featuring an alluring array of prints. Our sleek and velvety black cushions will effortlessly blend with any colour scheme and add an aura of mystery and drama to your living room or bedroom.

Whether you want to create a modern ambience or a touch of elegance, our black cushions will instantly transform a mundane couch or bed into a luxurious haven. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our treasure trove of black goodness and unleash the power of pillow perfection.

Timeless Range Of Beautiful, Bespoke Pieces

We have a stunning range of black cushions made with diligent detail and precise stitching. At our online bespoke cushion collection, you will see a range of captivating patterns to dazzle your senses.

One of our popular pieces from linen cushions is the Dahlia Noir cushion, which is expertly crafted with stunning digital printed linen adorned with warm sepia tones and moody shades of green, accentuated by chartreuse velvet piping.

Our Giverny Floral cushion flaunts a versatile combination of grey and charcoal complemented by warm touches of mustard. On the other hand, our Kismet design cushion is the crowd's favourite, thanks to its sublime hand-printed patterns of ferns, vines, stems and leaves gracefully overlapping to create a kaleidoscopic effect on dark linen. The shades of turquoise, mustard, lime and gold foil gracefully pop against the black base.

Our customers also sing praises of our Oriana Amethyst floral print cushion. Crafted with Tricia Guild fabric, it seamlessly blends original hand-painted artwork with photographic techniques to deliver a realistic sensation of flowers. The shades of warm pinks and purples dominate the palette, with occasional bursts of lime infusing a vibrant touch.

Contrast Piping Popping On A Black Base

We love to play with different patterns and colours to create striking statement pieces. With more than 50 fabulous plain colours for the backs and piping, we can create elegant combinations with the front hero fabric of the cushion.

Every single bit of our piping is meticulously handmade using those narrow offcuts that would otherwise be discarded after cutting out the backs of cushion covers. We're on a mission to use every last scrap of fabric to avoid waste; it makes us feel darn good!

Our two go-to favourites for piping include a super soft and slinky polyester velvet, and a thick, luxurious cotton pile velvet. And if you aren't a velvet fan; we've got a fine brushed cotton and a cotton sateen blend stripe as alternative options. Plus, we occasionally use repurposed fabrics from our special collection to add unique touches.

The Oh So Important Stitching Details

We love the design process for each cushion where we create magic with every stitch to make our black cushions not only visually stunning but also exude unmistakable quality. With precise stitching and meticulous construction every thread is carefully chosen and every stitch thoughtfully placed to ensure these are built to stand the test of time.

Carefully Sized Cushion Covers

Our cushions are generously sized to fit seamlessly on your sofas, couches, beds, armchairs, or even hammocks to offer both comfort and luxury. The standard size is 50cm x 50cm square with an additional cm from the piping for maximum impact. In some cases, the pattern of the fabric is better suited to a smaller size, so we also craft 45cm x 45cm cushion covers.

You have the option to choose either the cushion cover alone so you can re-use your existing inners or ask us to fill the covers with our perfectly plump ethical duck feather inners to ensure a perfect finish.

We prefer a medium amount of fill to make sure that our cushions stay super soft and comfortable and easily plump back to their full glory after every use. We do not offer polyester fill inners as they tend to lose their shape quickly, become lumpy and uncomfortable, and ultimately end up in landfill - which is not good for the environment.

You can either buy from our existing collection of black designer cushions or order bespoke cushions to elevate your interior game. As interior design experts we can assist you in finding the perfect cushions that seamlessly complement your decor and create a more personal ambience.

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