We source our fabrics from a wide range of design houses, suppliers and collectors, both locally and right across the globe! When you purchase a cushion from us you can be confident it’s been carefully planned and styled bringing with it our interior design experience and colour expertise. Every one is a unique pillowy colour bomb made from an intoxicating blend of fabrics and colours guaranteed to brighten up your world. 

Many of the fabrics used have large scale patterns. This means that when the cushion fronts are cut out,  there is a variation in which part of the pattern appears on each cushion. Pattern placement is very important and we carefully consider this for every cushion front before cutting the fabric to find the balance between showing the best of the pattern while still minimising any wastage.

There are four categories used to describe the cushion fronts, starting with...


* Genuine vintage fabrics that have come from private collections or have been purchased from vintage dealers. We place fabrics in this category when we are confident they are 30 years or older.

* Each vintage fabric piece is carefully checked to ensure it is robust with no signs of weakness and if required is cleaned prior to making.

* Move over Bridgerton, combining vintage fabrics with a modern approach to colour means this category is full of all the whimsy and charm of your Grandmother's glory box but without the smell of mothballs.

* With very limited quantities of each design produced, if you see something you love - don’t dilly dally darling with the decision making!

image of floral cushion front with sage background and soft pink flowers and grennery


* For the most discerning palette, this is our premium category featuring a carefully selected range of high-end designer fabrics imported from international design houses across Europe, UK, USA and Australia.

* This category predominantly features high quality printed linen, cotton and velvet furnishing fabrics in a tantilizing array of colour and design styles guaranteed to whip the sybarites amongst you into an absolute frenzy.

* These are current fabric designs and are repeatable. If a cushion from this category is showing as out of stock, you can ask to be notified when it comes back in stock.



* This category contains contemporary designer fabrics; often discontinued designs that are no longer available, plus fabrics purchased from fabric collectors and vintage dealers.

* If you collected rubbers in the 80’s, or loved sifting through your Mum’s button tin looking for the one sparkly button, then this category will probably appeal to you.

* The cushions in this category are usually small batch and are not repeatable - unless lightning does indeed strike twice.



* This category contains fabrics that have already had some life experience; usually discontinued or surplus samples and offcuts of high-end designer lines.

* Some of the fabrics in this category would require a kidney to be sold if you were to purchase them new, and will appear in our luxury category if they are ever repeated.

* Any small imperfections such as crease lines or light fading will be declared in the listing. These should be considered part of the story of the cushion and only add to the character of the piece.

*The cushions in this category are often one-of-a-kind or extremely small batch.