There’s only one thing harder than deciding what colours to use for the back and piping of a cushion, and that’s trying to find an outfit to wear in a hurry on a Friday night with the Uber on the way. But like the outfit situation, being spoilt for choice is not a bad problem to have.

If the cushion front is the star of the show, the back is definitely the support act and the piping the backing vocals!

We have collated quite the collection of stock fabrics to use for our cushion backs and piping. Every colour of the rainbow in fact, and even a few neutrals.

Our go-to’s include two stock velvets; a super soft and slinky polyester as well as a thick luxurious cotton pile velvet, and for those that aren't velvet fans; a brushed cotton and a finely woven cotton sateen blend stripe. We also use fabrics from our repurposed range from time to time.

All of our piping is handmade, often from the narrow offcuts that would otherwise be discarded after the cushion backs are cut out - wherever possible we use continuous strips. We really don’t like wasting fabric and we’re pretty chuffed to say we use almost every scrap!

We should also mention the reliable roadie here - the zip; of which we have an array of colours to choose from. This is like selecting what earrings to wear with the outfit - a very important finishing touch that we are proud to call another point of difference.

We love the design process for each cushion, carefully weaving our colour magic into each and every creation.