Not all blues are bad, like our blue cushions! These gems are more than just accents—they're like pillowy puffs of magic that'll transform your space into a whimsical wonderland. Our collection of handmade cushions featuring intriguing decorative designer prints will breathe new life into your decor. Whether you're looking to create a cosy reading nook or add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your sofa, our blue cushions are the perfect choice.

Blue Is A Must Have For Every Interior

Blue is a ‘cool’ colour, wonderfully familiar and soothing and evoking a sense of tranquillity and connection to nature. There is something deeply reassuring about blue; we relate blue with the sky and the ocean. From bright clear cerulean shades to deep complex Prussian blues - there is definitely a blue for you!

Like a favourite pair of jeans, blue can pair effortlessly with many different colours. With blue’s complementary opposite on the colour wheel being orange, try this combo for a high impact palette. Or tone this down with greyed off blues combined with caramel.

Blue also loves to hang out with its colour wheel neighbours and is beautiful combined with turquoise and green.

And then there’s the classic blue and white combination, popularised in the 18th century by the Willow pattern, a chinoiserie ceramic design that originated in China. Blue and white pairings have stood the test of time and are a timeless favourite for coastal and Hamptons style interiors! Or go to a deep navy paired with white for a crisp and tailored look. Then there’s the enduring crowd pleaser duck egg, a colour so versatile it can be used like a neutral. Duck egg pairs particularly well with pastel tones and warm off whites. You can effortlessly include our many shades of blue linen cushions with your interior regardless of the style.

Handmade Sustainable Luxury Cushions

Our handmade cushions are crafted with luxury fabrics and the planet in mind.

Have your retro spirit instantly rejuvenated with our Vintage 1970s Embroidered blue cushion that features a sturdy denim base with machine embroidered flowers and leaves. A playful primary palette of vibrant red, sunny yellow and a dash of minty green will uplift your spirits and inject a lively energy into the space.

You won’t be able to resist the charm of our Redmondini cushion that features a vibrant floral print that captures the essence of ‘flower power’ in the late 1960s. The harmonious blend of complementary blue and orange tones effortlessly brings the pattern to life, transporting you back to the groovy era.

Check out the undeniable sophistication of our Indigo Damask cushion, a timeless combination of rich blue and crisp white. This beautiful cushion is made from a fabric designed by the late William Yeoward; renowned for his sophisticated and timeless style. The timeless Damask pattern was re-created from an original indigo antique fabric piece from the 19th Century. Inky indigo with gentle watery edges effortlessly adds a touch of classic refinement to any space it adorns.

For lovers of the English hunt, our Tally Ho blue cushion is an absolute must-have. The fabric itself was originally designed and hand block printed in 1948, meticulously replicating a thrilling hunting scene. Picture a grand tale unfolding on a large scale, with majestic horses, fearless riders, and eager hounds racing through sweeping English countryside. This design is destined to find its perfect place in cosy living rooms, inviting dens, and rustic farmhouses to evoke a sense of timeless charm.

We Infuse Every Detail with Utmost Care

Becky Lee believes in perfection and that’s why each and every cushion cover is carefully crafted with precision and care. Expertly overlocked and reinforced at the stress points for maximum durability - our creations are built to stand the test of time.

Our combinations of the hero fabric on the front, back, and piping are thoughtfully curated for each individual design. Even the zip colour is carefully chosen so that all the details combine to create colour magic for each and every cushion.

Experience Good Blues At Becky Lee!

At Becky Lee, we celebrate the beauty of all the colours of the rainbow, but we have a special place in our hearts for blue. Banish your interior blues with our gorgeous handcrafted cushions. From Redmondini Floral to Tally Ho, and Indigo Damask, our cushions will transport your home to a realm of artistic wonder. Forget about mass produced homewares, stand out from the crowd and add some eclectic charm to your place with our beautiful blue cushions.

Each cover is made with the finest fabrics sourced from local and international design houses, suppliers and collectors. With each cushion you purchase, you can be assured that it has been meticulously planned and styled to reflect our wealth of interior design experience and colour expertise.

Every cushion is a one-of-a-kind, bursting with vibrant shades and crafted from an enchanting blend of colours with sustainable fabrics in mind. They are pillowy colour bombs ready to infuse brightness and joy into your world.

Trust in our commitment to quality; buy from our stunning online blue cushion collection today and enliven your spaces. We guarantee that our handmade designer cushions will deliver extreme comfort and take your interior to the next level.

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